Dating King, Sex Magician

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(Content of this book is 18+)

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room

Dating and sex are difficult. Nobody likes to admit it, because nobody wants to be called a loser. However, it’s true

It’s hard to get good at dating and sex. If that wasn’t true, there wouldn’t be a billion dollar dating industry and there wouldn’t be millions of unhappy, frustrated women out there

Dating and sex are difficult and there’s very little good advice out there that can make it easier

Most dating advice is conflicting. Every dating guru is out there trying to tell you their way is the only way

All they offer is a set of tips and tricks that somehow never really seem to work that well for you


Because they don’t explain to you what the fundamentals of dating and sex are. They don’t explain the fundamentals because they don’t understand the fundamentals themselves

They were lucky to find something that works for them, and now they think that their way is the only way

They don't teach you how to become better at dating, they teach you how to become bad copies of them!

Things are even worse when it comes to sex advice. If you got a dollar for every time some dating guru said “Just f*ck her well” we’d all be millionaires

They never tell you how to f*ck her well. They never tell you how to last for half an hour or longer. They never tell you how to properly dominate her

They don’t show you how to make her love you. How to make her want to give you her body, mind and soul

They don’t explain you how to f*ck her well, because they don’t know how to explain it to you

I do.

I know because I’ve spent years studying the human mind

I know because as an erotic hypnotherapist. I get to see every day what women want

I have gotten to the root causes of sexual and relationship issues many, many times

My experience and my work have given me unique insights on the fundamentals of sex and dating

Fundamentals that are now all written down in Dating King, Sex Magician

Fundamentals that are now all within your reach

So ask yourself:

Are you ready to get serious about dating women?

Do you want to learn how to really blow women away in the bedroom?

Do you want to learn applicable fundamentals of dating?

Do you want to learn how to use those fundamentals to make her love you?

Do you want to learn how to rock her body, mind and soul?

Because in Dating King, Sex Magician, you get all of those

We will go way beyond the standard dating and sex tips


  • Getting bogged down in details
  • Standardized one size fits none advice
  • Me trying to turn you into a bad copy of myself

And especially no bragging about how great I am

I won't judge or insult you

In short. None of the twitter nonsense or childishness

Instead you get a raw and honest approach to dating

I too have had difficulties in the past with dating and sex. I too felt those things were difficult. I too had to learn how to blow her mind

And now it’s time to teach you what I’ve learned

It's time to teach you how you can become good at dating in your own unique way

It's time to teach you how you can actually learn how to f*ck her well

All put together in one carefully crafted guide that you can come back to time and again for advice

Dating King, Sex Magician

What you will be getting are:

  • Crucial fundamentals of dating
  • Unique insights on dating that you won't get anywhere else
  • Indepth explanations of core concepts
  • Loads of practical tips that you can use right away to massively improve your dating and sex
  • An actual full sized book (Not one of those 15 page non-books)

In Dating King, Sex Magician, you will learn why women act the way they do

The core reasons why some men get all the women and others get none

Learn how to make your dates unforgettable, your sex mindblowing and her love for you unconditional

A complete manual that will guide you all the way from the first date to long term relationships

A manual that will help you set up your relationships for long term success and happiness.

The topics covered in Dating King, Sex Magician include:

  • Mindset
  • Fundamentals of Dating
  • Fundamentals of Sex
  • Advanced Dating
  • Advanced Sex
  • Hypnotic fundamentals (that will make her addicted to you)
  • Her Orgasms
  • Sexual Fantasies (and how to get her to want to do your sexual fantasies)
  • Dominance (both in the relationship and in the bedroom)
  • How to build successful relationships
  • How to make her lust after you
  • How to make her fall in love with you
  • Frame

And many more

All for just $35

Get it now!

(Content of this book is 18+)

23 ratings
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